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Media & Film  Music

short film


Directors: Tobi Ejirele, Ashley Joy
Producers: Rahul Arya, Valeria Suaste
Music: Michele Deiana

Release date: TBD

LAPDOG is a film that explores the world of Ally, in which themes of liberation, sexuality, identity and fate are explored. As Ally voyages through the night, her inhibitions bring her face to face with the difficult question of what is right and what is wrong. Her mysterious journey comes with a price, for better or worse.



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Music: Michele Deiana




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Music & Sound Design: Michele Deiana

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If you feel the need to get better and make a positive change in your life, rely on Sygmund, his network of psychologists and psychotherapists and the effectiveness of his innovative model.




video & concept: Claudio Bellini

music: Michele Deiana
powered by: Umanesimo Artificiale

USA premiere at Mutek San Francisco

Veil originates from the idea of connection, which we all feel strongly these quarantine days: we are connected to others by virtual networks where we are the nodes and the links are formed by our relationships.

screen-dance film

Intertidal. Barene

An ode to the essential connection between humanity and nature.

An unhurried eco poetic portrayal of a fragile environment.


direction: Confluenze
starring: Anja Dimitrijevic
dop: Laura Santini

choreography: Paloma Leyton
production assistant: Lucrezia Stenico
music & foley: Michele Deiana
audio production: Nuel

a co-production with VER-V

The city of Venice with its lagoon is an example of a historic city that is at great risk of being swallowed by water. "Intertidal. Barene" is aimed at raising awareness of the issue that this ecosystem brings with it. A precise dialogue with the environment, consisting of natural elements and put in relation to the elements created by humans.

Concetto Spaziale

short film

"From the point of view of directing and also of cinematography, I decided to insist on the concept of limit and threshold. The cut, the breach opened by Fontana on the canvas, intrigued me and I wanted to find a way to express it without making it explicit through the use of framing and editing." (Jacopo Zanessi)

direction: Jacopo Zanessi

screenplay and voice: Nicolò Polesello
music: Michele Deiana

production: Archipelagos Teatro

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