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A truly forward-thinking composer, innovative in his transdisciplinary and collaborative practice... an artist that perfectly embodies the mindset of the twenty-first century composer

I'm a Concert and Media music composer based in London.
My work focuses on minimal narratives, transforming them into intense emotional journeys which bring listeners into experiences where ecstatic and contemplative states alternate in a path towards catharsis.

About me

Clients include:

By the sea has the ambition of portraying the great sea, but retrospectively, I realise that behind this objective lies the intention of creating a self-portrait for the first time. On the same waters captured with my camera, I saw myself without veils and masks: a vulnerable and essential figure able to become every shape, like my blue and limitless friend.

Debut Audio-Visual EP
Music performed by Perpetuo Saxophone Quartet and Michele Deiana


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My music for concert settings brings both the musicians and the audience into a state where deep focus and emotional energy are combined – a  blend between mindful meditation and the excitement of falling in love. I particularly enjoy working with small groups of musicians and soloists, forming lasting connections that lead to great music.

Concert Music

My music for films and media creates and conveys emotional landscapes that are able to shape and intensify the dramatic arc. At the same time, I focus on finding a unique sound through a combination of unusual instrumentation choices, electronics and experimental techniques.

Media Music

Additional Services

Teaching, for me, is not just about transmitting knowledge; more importantly, it involves stimulating students' curiosity until they discover the path for their own compositional journey.


Since my time as a student, I have loved the act of engraving so much that I have been helping countless other composers achieve beautifully refined scores. Now, with 9+ years of experience, I offer this service to anyone.

Music Engraving

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