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for actress, small ensemble, female chamber choir, electronics, live video and stage

“Up until I was 14, I lived in a huge house. It was so big that I never left the grounds – I didn’t want to. And if I had wanted to, I mightn’t have been allowed. They said I could do that when I turned 25 but I wasn’t that interested. I didn’t know what was over the walls.
My friend’s families all lived on Isolas. I didn’t know any different.” 

From Rah's memories

Are we all sure about the greatness of our Utopia's dreams?
Isolas questions this subject by telling the story of Rah,
a young girl that lives in a place made up by fugitives people
that weren't able to change the world in which they were living.
But escape is not a solution.

What can do a young girl in a world full of craziness, instability, and dangers?
Maybe nothing, but at least she will try.

fl, cl, alto sax, t. tbn, b. tbn,
piano, vl, vla, cello, d.bass





story by Michele Deiana
music by Michele Deiana

lyrics by Michele Deiana and Mary-Ellen Nagle
video by Giuseppe Scinardo and Michele Deiana


direction by Michele Deiana

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