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music for a short screen-dance movie

“An island is a paradigm of utopia.
Detached from the world, it acts as a cell, a natural stage in the wide horizon, an observation point in the lagoon. The Venetian salt marshes are subtle, autochthon islands subject to a cyclic negotiation between land and water: from mimesis and camouflage to disappearing and reemerging."

Collettivo Confluenze

Dramaturgy, Production: Collettivo Confluenze

Music Composer and Foley artist: Michele Deiana
Artistic Direction and Performer: Anja Dimitrijevic
Choreographer: Paloma Leyton
Director of Photography and Editor: Laura Santini
Project Assistant, Choreographer: Lucrezia Stenico

Costume Design: Anja Dimitrijevic, Paloma Leyton, Laura Santini
Audio Production: Emanuele “Frix” Frison (V.E.R-V.)







premiered at Libertà Exhibition 24-25-26 May 2019 (Venice)
organized by

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