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experimental - circus show

“Attachment is here understood as a natural attraction, a human instinct common to us all. From its most fragile and intimate forms to the laws of physics that condition everything that has matter and exists: from personal and collective memory to the force of gravity."

Paloma Leyton

“Cher Lucien” is a show that explores the different degrees of stability and seek for balance thanks to the use of a series of original unstable, suspended, scenic devices.
The work in suspension becomes an inexhaustible performative source, and a poetic image that links two kinds of movement: choreographic and geographic.
That is what underlies in nomadism and migratory patterns.

regard extérieur:
Andrea de San Juan
Andrés Leyton
Eva Luna García Mauriño


regard extérieur and scenography:
Alberto Favretto 


Michele Deiana

Claudio Sorò

artistic direction, project coordinator,
production, instruments' creator:
Paloma Leyton


Costanza Lovazzano
Macarena González Neuman
Paloma Leyton

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